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Best Non Slip Yoga Mats: Say Bye to Slip and Slide Hot Yoga Sessions

What's the difference between a deeply satisfying yoga session and a slippery sliding mess of a workout? The best non slip yoga mats, of course.

And if you really want to get deep into your hot yoga workout, a non slip yoga mat is a must. 

Hot yoga is everywhere, and for great reason: it provides an incredible workout that benefits the body, mind, and spirit.

But they aren’t joking when they say HOT yoga; the average hot class heats all the way up to 105 degrees! If you are like me, then you break a sweat before you even do the first pose, and by the end of the class - you are totally drenched.

All that sweating is of course cleansing and invigorating, but it’s also a pesky nuisance when it comes to one small detail: slipping on your mat.

When you start slipping and sliding around on your yoga mat, you definitely lose stability which results in a loss of flexibility, too. There is nothing more bothersome than going for a personal best in a posture, only to lose your balance because your sweat made you slip! Argh!

If you are going to practice hot yoga for the long haul (and why wouldn’t you- it’s amazing), the first thing you want to invest in is one of the best non slip yoga mats.

Using a slip-resistant mat improves the quality of your practice and allows you to deepen your postures. It’s really, really hard to focus on your breath and quieten the mind when you feel like you have to struggle to keep your hands in place during downward dog, right?!

Well, you can wave good bye to sweaty, slippery hands (and feet) forever more. Here are the best non slip yoga mats to get you grounded in even the hottest, slickest of the hot yoga classes!

What is the Best Non Slip Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga?

Yoga has sure become popular over the years. The downside of that? Crowded classes. The upside? Lots and lots of awesome yoga mats to choose from. 

Seriously, thanks to yoga's exploding popularity, there are mats for every need: thick yoga mats for vulnerable knees, extra long yoga mats for vertically blessed folk, and of course, non slip yoga mats for all of us with sweaty, clammy hands (which is like, all of us, during hot yoga)...​

So which ones are the greatest? Well, there are a lot of non slip yoga mats but why sort through the good, the bad and kind of good choices when you can skip right to the best? To keep things simple, we've chosen just the top 3. Here they are...

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

best non slip yoga mat
best non slip yoga mat

This is a mat that you can definitely feel very socially responsible and good about spending your hard-earned money for; it is made with open-cell, natural rubber, which not only is great for slip resistance but also great for the environment. Why?

Because natural rubber is a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees, the Jade mats contain no PVC or ozone-depleting substances. Jade Yoga also plants a tree for every mat sold in partnership with Trees for the Future, so this mat is deal for the environmentally-conscious yogis.

The downside of this is that it can get a little stinky, and you must commit to never putting it directly in the sun. The sunlight takes away its traction and increases its smell (yikes). Also, at 3/16 of an inch for thickness, this mat is great for balancing postures, but not-so-great if you have knee issues and need more cushion.

One great bonus is that the Harmony Professional comes in 68- and 74-inch lengths; since I’m 5’10, I really appreciate an extra long yoga mat! To clean this mat, you must hand wash it with warm water and mild soap, and remember - no sunlight exposure!

Gaiam Sol Studio Premium Grip Yoga Mat

best non slip yoga mat
best non slip yoga mat

At approximately 1/3 inch in thickness, this mat provides maximum cushion and support, ideal for those who get achy joints during floor postures. While this amount of cushion may make you wonder if it can throw your balance, most users feel more sturdy on the mat than unbalanced.

Similar to the Jade mat, it is made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced rubber. The rubber ensures that it is highly slip-resistant, but it does come with the same side effect as the Jade: it can get smelly! With proper washing and care, the smell does dissipate, but you have to remember to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Manduka Wet Grip Yoga Mat

best non slip yoga mat
best non slip yoga mat

Coming in at half the thickness of the Gaiam mat, the Manduka is much more portable and lightweight. It is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, with non-toxic foaming agents and non-ado dyes. No PVC or harmful plasticizers are added to this mat.

It also boasts being 99% latex free, so it is safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities. You definitely need to let this mat air out as well, as it comes with the strong rubber smell, similar to its competitors. Because it is so easy to take from place to place, this mat is great for carrying to yoga studios with you.

However, the limited amount of cushion can be hard on the joints, especially if you do a lot of jumps during your practice.

Other Brilliant Ways to Keep Slip-Free During Hot Yoga

If you aren’t in the market for a new mat, then there are a few other clever options to get a non-slip experience, no matter how much you sweat in the hot room.

The first option to consider is a hot yoga towel. It is exactly what it sounds like: a towel that goes right on top of your mat and absorbs the sweat so you don’t slip.

Another huge benefit of the towel is the fact that it protects your mat, so it doesn’t get as stinky or full of bacteria. Check out these top options for hot yoga towels:

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

best non slip yoga towel
best non slip yoga towel

Non-slip and skid-resistant, this microfiber towel is free from latex, rubber, PVC, and harsh chemicals. It adds a hygienic layer between you and your mat, as it quickly absorbs sweat and ensures you do not slide.

The standard 24”x72” size will fit any mat, and it is machine washable so it can be used and re-used as much as you’d like. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it’s definitely worth a try!

Yoga Design Labs Hot Yoga Towel

best non slip yoga towel
best non slip yoga towel

This towel definitely wins the award for prettiest designs; the eye-catching vibrant colors and designs are totally gorgeous, yet non-toxic since water-based dyes are used.

These towels are made from top-quality, plush microfiber with extra-strength whipstitching for maximum lifespan, and come in the same standard size as the above-mentioned Youphoria towel: 72”x24”. These towels are also machine washable and dryer safe, and the company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Socially conscious yogis, take note: $1 from every purchase goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need.

Still not sold on getting a new mat or a handy dandy yoga towel, or feel like you need extra slip resistance?

You can give non-slip yoga socks and gloves a try! What’s really awesome about these accessories is the fact that they can give you extra wrist and arch support, so you feel more stable.

Most brands are made from non-slip material that provides superior traction grip, so be sure to check out the tread on the sock/gloves before you buy.

No time or interest in browsing around? We really like this brand:

Yoga Paws

non slip yoga gloves
non slip yoga gloves

The manufactured dubs these gloves/socks “the smallest yoga mats in the world,” because they really are like having an extra yoga mat on your hands and feet. They boast a unique, lightweight 3 in 1 design: not only do they act like a highly protective rubber mat, but they are also non-slip and feature 5mm of built-in padding for maximum wrist and arch support.

Additionally, the interior towel liner absorbs seven times its weight in moisture (sweaty hands, take note). Their ergonomic design makes them highly function for male and female practitioners, and they are versatile enough to use in any style of yoga. They are even great just for throwing on and practicing postures on your carpet in the living room, no mat required!

We know slipping around on your yoga mat while you’re trying to be a fierce yogi is the worst, so we hope these ideas are helpful! What other tricks and tips do you have to keep from sliding around in your sweat puddles? Give us the scoop!

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