What is the Best Suspension Trainer? Top 3 Suspension Trainer Reviews

What is Suspension Training?

So you've probably heard someone gabbing about suspension training and suspension trainers but couldn’t make a thing out of the conversation. Well, the good news is that is that you are at the right place and all you need to do is sit tight and in a few moments coming we will have fully decrypted what this piece of jargon is all about.

In short, suspension training is a form of strength training invented by a former Navy SEAL that uses a special set of ropes and webbing that allows you to use your body weight and gravity to perform a huge variety of exercises.

The best part? Suspension trainers allow you to workout anytime, anywhere - be it in the comfort of your home gym, the woods or a hotel room. 

Okay, that all sounds good. But why would you want to use one in the first place? Here's exactly what suspension training is good for...

7 Benefits of Suspension Training

You can do a huge variety of exercises

The vast majority of fitness equipment lying around can’t offer the sort of exercise diversity that comes with suspension trainers. With suspension training, you are deliberately able to change your center of gravity to engage different sets of muscles each time that you do so.

The equipment and setup may look basic, but its simplicity is exactly what makes it so brilliantly versatile. You can pretty much use the two adjustable bands to get a customized and all-inclusive total body workout that targets each muscle in your body! 

Anyone can use it

Suspension training isn’t limited to a particular group of super fit individuals. It doesn't matter if you're weak or strong, young or old. Pretty much anyone can use this form of training because  it is highly adjustable and customizable to suit every fitness level. 

The fact that this form of training is dependent upon your body weight helps you to exercise safely as well as learn the basics of exercises in a low impact way. It's also extremely adjustable, allowing you to make the exercises more challenging as you get stronger. 

You can use it anywhere you want to

One of the biggest benefits of suspension training lies in its portability factor. Suspension trainers are so easy to move around with due to their light weight - these rarely go over 3 lbs!

So unlike a gym or bulky fitness equipment, you'll be able to bring it with you wherever you go without much of a hassle. All you need is stable structure to attach the trainers to and you're good to go, whether you're in the woods, the beach or in a hotel room. 

It's low impact

The kind of exercises you can perform with suspension trainers are of a relatively low impact nature which eliminates any risks of injuries as your joints aren’t put under any excess pressure. This allows you to train without the fear of injuring yourself.

Avoid muscular imbalance

We've all laughed over the "friends don't let friends skip leg day" memes but muscular imbalances are no laughing matter - especially if they happen to you. 

The fact of the matter is that many types of training concentrate on individual muscles in isolation, causing muscular imbalances. Suspension training, on the other hand, has the advantage of engaging more than one muscle or muscle group at the same time.

The result is that there's a lot less chance of overworking one muscle and that means less pain, less injury and less chance of developing muscular imbalance. ​

Improves balance and stability

One of the first things you'll notice when you begin suspension training is that your balance improves, especially in your core. Thanks to the inherent instability of the suspension trainers, you'll be training your body to balance its weight in all occasions.

The result? A solid foundation of stability that comes with benefits in posture, joint stability, mobility and core strength you'll reap in everyday life. 

You can achieve any fitness goal

Nothing beats suspension training in MRT (metabolic resistance training). Not only does this form of training help boost your muscular strength but it also goes a long way in ensuring that you achieve greater levels of cardiovascular endurance.

But that's not all - suspension training is also great for improving balance and increasing flexibility. ​

​And that's the real beauty of suspension training - it's sheer versatility allows you to achieve any fitness goal you have in mind, be it cardio, strength, weight loss or flexibility related.

Best Suspension Trainer Reviews

Now that you know all about what suspension training can do for you, you probably want to get your hands on one. But what's the best suspension trainer? Here are our top 3 picks - you can't go wrong with any one of them!

TRX Suspension Trainer

suspension trainer reviews
best suspension trainer

This is the original suspension trainer invented by Randy Hetrick a former Navy SEAL and remains the most popular suspension trainer on the market.

There are a few TRX suspension training kits to choose from but we recommend the TRX Basic Kit as it's the most comprehensive and has everything you need to get started right away.

This suspension training system comes with the TRX extension strap that the system hooks itself into. The straps of the TRX trainer themselves come equipped with two foot cradles and two handles. A door anchor also arrives with the system for people who may lack a bar or cross beam to hang the straps from.

The TRX trainer also comes with a DVD which not only guides you through setting up the system but also takes you through each exercise you can perform with your new suspension training trainer. A comprehensive book has all the information contained in the DVD for those who prefer to read.

Oh, and the whole TRX trainer system arrives in a carry bag that's super convenient for carrying it around with you. Total carrying weight? 2 lbs, so you can easily lug it around.

The TRX trainer system boasts of a strap adjustment system that is very user friendly. As you will find out with suspension trainers, the strap positions are changed quite often and this piece of equipment lets you do it easily without cutting into your training time. All you have to do is simply grab the buckle and pull up and down on the strap.


  • Really easy set up that gets you ready and going in minutes
  • Great quality that's sturdy and built to last, even if you're bigger
  • Handles have a soft webbing that allows for a comfortable grip for both hands and feet
  • Can hold up to 1000 lbs
  • DVD guide is hugely helpful in getting you started with the setup and exercises


  • The system is made to be used as is and very little of it is modular so you cannot add extras. For example, if you wore out the padding on the handles or needed extra padding, there is no simple way to swap out or add that. 
  • It's more expensive when compared to its competitors. You are paying a little extra for the brand. 
suspension trainer reviews
best suspension trainer

The Jungle Gym suspension trainer is newer to the market than the TRX but it's gained a solid reputation in the short amount of time it's been around. Why? Well, it has a lot to do with the unique advantages it offers.

As you can quickly see, a huge difference that the Jungle Gym has from other trainers is that each of its straps are independent. This is a pretty big deal since it allows you to change the strap positions from a V-shaped (with both the straps together) to a neutral (where the straps are in parallel positions to a wide angle suspension (where the straps are wide apart). 

This allows for a variety of workouts targeting a range of angles. You can even use them one at a time for circuit training. 

Another huge perk of the Jungle Gym is that the material is really easy to clean without damaging it, which is a wonderful thing when you're regularly sweating all over it. And while we're on the topic of damage - you can rest assured that the Jungle Gym is very sturdily built with high quality, long lasting materials that you can put through the ringer for years and years. 

But out favorite thing about the Jungle Gym? It's just as easy to adjust as the TRX but instead of an adjustable metal buckle, its adjustable buckles are hard plastic designed into a contoured, rounded shape that will not snag or scratch you when you work out. 

Overall, a fantastic suspension trainer at a fraction of the price!


  • Really easy set up that gets you ready and going in minutes
  • Great quality that's sturdy and built to last, even if you're bigger
  • Ergonomic non-slip handles that are comfortable with a good grip
  • Can hold up to 1500 lbs
  • Very affordable
  • Independent straps so you can easily adjust positions 


  • The Jungle Gym is overall a bit bulkier than the TRX or the WOSS, making it a great at home suspension trainer but not as ideal to travel with. It also doesn't come with a carry bag like the others. 
  • The straps don't have any markings so it can be more confusing to adjust
best suspension trainer
suspension trainer reviews

One thing you'll quickly notice about the WOSS range of suspension trainer is that they have a very happy, very dedicated (and very vocal) group of loyal fans. The next thing you'll notice is that this is for very good reason...

For starters, the WOSS suspension trainer is probably the most affordable, high quality trainer on the market. And for the bargain price, you have everything you need to get started using the trainer right away.

But it's not just the affordability that's won WOSS all its fans - their trainer is top notch quality. The Attack suspension trainers are made from seriously sturdy, wide and thick straps that can handle even the biggest of guys as well as rubber handles that are amazing for grip and stability. 

Other unique perks? The WOSS trainer comes with a D Ring that allows the center strap to slide back and forth, which makes this Trainer more inherently instable than the other suspension training systems out there. That makes it perfect for fitness enthusiasts to do a wider range of more challenging exercises with it. 


  • Really easy set up that gets you ready and going in minutes
  • Made from military grade webbing that's strong enough to handle even the biggest guys
  • Rubber handles that are softer, more comfortable and very secure and slip resistant
  • The unique D Ring allows for much more versatility in terms of exercise options that can be done on the trainer system
  • Very affordable
  • Inherently less stable than other systems, allowing for more challenging workouts
  • Super portable at 2 pounds and comes in a carry bag


  • Becauses the ropes don't stay in place, it can be too challenging for newbies
  • A few people have wished that the carabiners could be a bit bigger

Suspension Training Tips

  • The suspension trainer should only be anchored on to the door if no other options are available. This is because the selection of exercises is limited when the trainer gets anchored onto a door. It means that the trainer won’t cross the midpoint of its motion range and the exercises will thus begin with the arc which is built into them.
  • Avoid going too fancy in your movements. You should lock in the techniques for simple movements and you will then start progressing (you will use your common sense) from there onwards. Some of the simplest moves you can start to acquaint yourself with include but aren’t limited to body rows, push ups, knee tucks, chin ups, etc.
  • Suspension training is all about angles and getting to figure out the angles so as to increase the difficulty of movement or to decrease it is the beauty of it all. When you are using the body row for instance, the more that the feet move beneath the anchoring point, the more difficult that the exercise will become.
  • Keep a looser grip when performing exercises that target the lower body. When you are working out your legs for example, the grip that you will have on the suspension trainer will only be for stability and you don’t want to use your arms to support your weight. To ensure this, use a finger or two from each hand to hold.
  • Buy books or refer to websites for workouts. Thousands of free resources exist on the internet sharing knowledge on the subject of suspension training. This will go a long way in helping you get maximum returns from the suspension trainer that you own.
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